When to Realize You Need a Brand or a Re-brand

I recently had the opportunity to work with a new client who has a booth at Robbin’s Egg, a showcase of beautifully crafted antiques and stylish décor. Robbin’s Egg in Milford allows you to rent a space from them for a monthly fee and sell your antiques or hand-crafted creations. It’s a pretty cool concept and perfect for a small side business that allows you to get your creativity out! I’ve even recently thought about opening a booth here, it would be so fun!

Michele, from Violas & Roses came to me in search of a re-brand for her Robbin’s Egg booth. She specializes in pallet wood but also sells reclaimed and vintage items. Her business is on the newer side and has been up and running for about six months. She had basic branding that she had put into use to get the business started but she was looking for more of a polished and professional look now that Violas & Roses was taking off.

I knew that Michele would be a good fit for my freelance work; she recognized that her business was doing well and that having a professional, modern look, with marketing materials would drive her business to an even higher level. To me, realizing this concept is an indicator that the business, no matter the size, is run well and has the right people at the top. There are so many organizations, small and large, that forget about “their look” or the marketing tools needed to make them successful. Any good yearly business plan should include a re-evaluation of the brand and any marketing tools that are currently in place to keep pace with the current market.

Michele explained to me that the name Violas & Roses came from the middle names of both her daughters. I love when a business name has a great meaning to it! Michele went on to say that she wanted both the flowers in the re-brand and that she would like the roses to be orange, her daughters’ favorite color.

With a few edits back and forth, we came up with a whole new look for Violas & Roses which included a logo, business cards, social media banners and custom hang tags to put on all of her pieces for sale in the booth! Click HERE to see the complete Violas & Roses re-brand mock-up and if you’re interested in learning more about Violas & Roses be sure to check out the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ViolasAndRoses


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